Detector for recording electron spectra of nuclear gamma resonance from small surfaces of samples.


A detector for measuring nuclear gamma resonance spectra with the registration of conversion and Auge electrons from surface zones of absorbers with the radius of about 1 mm, is described. The detector is done on the basis of a gas-filled avalance detector in which the absorber is used as a cathode. The anode is done in the shape of a needle and is fixed vertically above the sample. Detector resolution in the surface is improved due to its location in the magnetic field perpendicular to the absorber plane. An example is given of using the detector for investigation of phase composition of the surface of armco iron irradiated with a laser beam with the diameter of 2 mm. Babikova,-Yu.F.; Vakar,-O.M.; Kasimovskij,-A.A.; Petrikin,-Yu.V. (Moskovskij Inzhenerno-Fizicheskij Inst. (USSR)