GPLP: general purpose line plotting programme.


Ihara,-Hitoshi (Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki. Tokai Research Establishment). Most computer simulation systems produce a great amount of data as the result of calculations. It is not easy task for users to read them and derive a conclusive result. Therefore, it has long been desired by users to develop softwares for quick reduction of those data by graphic representations. On the other hand, nuclear engineers who analyzes experimental data from criticality experiments have also desired similar softwares which could be used for study to compare calculated data with measured data. A computer programme GPLP was developed to satisfy those requirements. Characteristics of this programme are as follows: It selects particular data from the data on various files in accordance with a user's requirement, it plots these selected data, and it plots input measurement data with calculated their 1 error bars simulataneously on a graph. These functions make reductions and evaluations of the result of calculations easy. Furthermore, an output figure from GPLP programme could be used as a clear figure of a report without any additional treatment. This programme was written with variable dimensions to make maximum use of the available fast memory. This programme can be jointly used with a D-SCAN colour graphic display system to produce colour figures.