In pile loops for studying organic coolants.


Flowsheets and the main characteristics of X-7 and U-3 Canadium in-pile loops for studying organic coolants are considered. The X-7 loop of the NRX reactor is intended for the testing the reactor fuel elements with organic coolants, for studying the properties of the coolants based on terphenyl mixtures, and for studying the deposits formation process (fouling) on the heat transferring surface of the reactor core. The experimental program on the U-K loop of the NRU reactor implies testing of the full-scale prototype fuel elements and new more perfect technological devices and coolant purification systems in order to reduce the coolant fouling potential. A conclusion is drawn that the reactor in-pile loops are a necessary and relatively inexpensive convenient and flexible research device for testing both the fuel elements and the full-scale assemblies of nuclear reactors with organic coolants, and for simulating and working out foulingless thermal regimes of the coolant. Burukin,-V.P.; Rizvanov,-V.K.