INS real-time data processing composite system using large scale general purpose computers.


Kokame,-J.; Takano,-M.; Oshikubo,-T.; Chiba,-K.; Ukai,-K.; Imanishi,-A.; Yasue,-M.; Omata,-K.; Watanabe,-S.I. (Tokyo Univ. (Japan). Inst. for Nuclear Study); Hirai,-H.; Ogawa,-M.; Ishida,-N.; Kamakura,-K. (Fujitsu Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)); Fujita,-M.; Koba,-K. (Fujifacom Corp., Tokyo (Japan)). Quick response real-time facilities, with an overhead time of 18.3 ms, using a general purpose large scale computer, FACOM M-180IIAD (2.5 MIPS), and channel coupled terminal minicomputers, PANAFACOM U-400, have been developed and are in operation at INS Tokyo. The system is useful for computer aided real-time data acquisition and processing for experimental nuclear and elementary particle physics. Another batch processing system for the same type of large scale computer is connected with a real-time machine. Sophisticated analysis of experimental data as well as pure theoretical problems and design studies can be performed by this system. The system is also capable of backing up minicomputer terminals through a modem for the computer control of accelerators and beam diagnostics. (orig.).