The law of radiation protection in the member states of the European Community. Vol. 2. Federal Republic of Germany.


Bischof,-W.; Pelzer,-N. After a first publication concerning the law of radiation protection in the Benelux Countries in volume II the law of radiation protection in the Federal Republic of Germany is represented. The investigation which compares the different laws discusses not only the substantive bases and repercussions of the provisions of radiation protection; the commission furthermore is interested to examine to what extent it was successful to bring the national provisions of radiation protection into one line with each other on the basis of the fundamental standards of Euratom. Apart from a comprehensive discussion of the provisions of radiation protection and of the organization of radiation protection critical annotations are made to some topics. The volume consists of the following chapters: development, fundamentals, principles and definitions, organization of radiation protection, nuclear installations, radioactive substances and waste, protection and population and environment, internal radiation protection, medical supervision, radiation on foodstuffs and radiopharmaca, legal provisions governing fines and penalties.