Nuclear engineering modern status in China


The status of reactor engineering, fuel technology, measurement engineering, radiation protection and nuclear-technological normalizing in China is examined. The parameters of the HFETR high-flux research reactor are presented. The HFETR reactor represents a light-water reactor with beryllium reflector and maximum thermal- and fast neutron fluxes 6.2x10 sub 1 sub 4 and 5.7x10 sub 1 sub 4 neutron/(cm sub 2 xs), respectively. It is noted that during this century the installed power of the Chinese NPS will make up not more than 10 gW. Therefore, the nuclear power will not contribute significantly to the China power-supply. A considerable success in the field of the measuring equipment production has been achieved in China during the last years. The Chinese industry produces NaI(Te) detectors up to 200 m in diameter, organic scintillators with p-terphenyl, 4096-channel analysers, semiautomatic thermoluminescent dosimeters, gamma-scintillating radiometers and other equipment. Beker,-K.