Prospects of last reactor use.


The role of fast reactors in the future power supply, their fuel cycle, influence on environment and alternative fuel cycles are considered using the materials of the International program of nuclear fuel cycle evaluation (November 1978 -8 February 1980). A comparative analysis of fast and thermal reactor economics is presented. The data characterizing the fuel breeding and burnup in the FBR type reactors with oxide- and metallic fuels for the core homogeneous and heterogeneous configurations are given. It is supposed that by 2000-2025 the breeding ratio for the FBR type reactors is to reach 1.32 at a doubling time of 17.3 h. The external fuel cycle duration is estimated to be 1 year. It is concluded that putting into operation of 100 FBR type reactors would lead to decrease in requirements for uranium by 2025 approximately 4 times, as compared with using the LWR type reactors without fuel recycling. Chechina,-O.A.; Raevskij,-I.I.