Radiation defects in crystals.


The results of theoretical and experimental investigations into radiation defects in crystals are given and analyzed. Structures and properties of point defects, their effect on crystal properties as well as manifestation of the so-called subthreshold processes proceeding under radiation without formation of stable Frenkel voids are described. Problems of point defect kinetics, their interaction with dislocations and the effect of these processes on physical and mechanical properties of materials as well as on swelling under radiation are discussed. New tendencies in development of radiation material science are retraced. New techniques of investigation are discussed. Prospects for development of the theory of radiation defects and its applications to the analysis of radiation phenomena are outlined. Indenbom,-V.L. (AN SSSR, Moscow. Inst. Kristallografii); Kirsanov,-V.V. (AN Kazakhskoj SSR, Alma-Ata. Inst. Yadernoj Fiziki); Orlov,-A.N. (AN SSSR, Leningrad. Fiziko-Tekhnicheskij Inst.)