Results and conclusions from rock mechanics/hydrology investigations: CSM/ONWI test site.


The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) under sponsorhip of the Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation (ONWI) has established a hard rock test facility in its Experimental Mine at Idaho Springs, Colorado. The CSM/ONWI Experimental Room was driven in the jointed biotitic gneiss using carefully designed and executed blast rounds. This room is above the water table, and lies under approximately 100m of cover. Included in this paper are: the results of RQD (Rock Quality Designation) crosshole ultrasonic, permeability and deformation modulus measurements; and, an overview of the instruments selected and measurements used by Terra Tek in determining thermal and mechanical properties from a heated block experiment. Hustrulid,-W. (Colorado School of Mines, Golden (USA)); Ubbes,-W. (Battelle Memorial Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio (USA))