Separation of sub 8 sub 5 Kr and of sub 3 H.


Separation of krypton in fuel reprocessing off-gas: As for the radioactive gases from nuclear power facilities, it is necessary to minimize their release to the environment, particularly, in the case of long-lived sub 8 sub 5 Kr and tritium. To remove Kr, there are various methods such as porous diaphragm and liquefaction-evaporation. The gaseous diffusion through a porous diaphragm, which has already been established in uranium enrichment, is useful for the separation of gases in the off-gas treatment system of a fuel reprocessing plant. (2) Safe handling and separation technology of tritium in nuclear fusion research: In nuclear fusion research, the main process is D-T fusion reaction, presently. Therefore, in the so-called ''tritium fuel cycle'', the establishment of the technology and its associated basic research are necessary. Handling of tritium presents many difficulties due to its high specific activity, high penetration through materials, etc. (J.P.N.). Naruse,-Yuji (Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki. Tokai Research Establishment)