Space-time in microcosm.


The monograph deals with a critical analysis of the space-time description of the elementary particle world. . An idea is presented to the effect that the troubles of a modern theory are related with improper geometrical representations in describing the elementary particle interactions within short ranges. A detailed analysis of the troubles is given, and some new directions connected with various modifications of the space-time relationships are outlined. Along with conventional geometrical representations elaborated by the classical science based on the macrocosm phenomena analysis, a very original outline is presented of questions concerning a description of various geometrical relationships in the microcosm: measuring coordinates and time of particles both for a relativistic and nonrelativistic case; particle localization; distribution of signals in nonlinear field theories; space-time quantization, etc. Subjects related with conditions of micro- and macrocausality in the quantum field theory are described, including many of interesting results obtained by the author, e. g. the relationship between the causality violation in minor space-time regions and the processes observed in the elementary particle scattering. Most of the results presented almost have not been published earlier. Blokhintsev,-D.I.