Vectorization of nuclear codes on FACOM 230-75 APU compute


Harada,-Hiroo; Higuchi,-Kenji; Ishiguro,-Misako; Tsutsui,-Tsuneo; Fujii,-Minoru (Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki. Tokai Research Establishment). To provide for the future usage of supercomputer, we have investigated the vector processing efficiency of nuclear codes which are being used at JAERI. The investigation is performed by using FACOM 230-75 APU computer. The codes are CITATION (3D neutron diffusion), SAP5 (structural analysis), CASCMARL (irradiation damage simulation). FEM-BABEL (3D neutron diffusion by FEM), GMSCOPE (microscope simulation). DWBA (cross section calculation at molecular collisions). A new type of cell density calculation for particle-in-cell method is also investigated. For each code we have obtained a significant speedup which ranges from 1.8 (CASCMARL) to 7.5 (GMSCOPE), respectively. We have described in this report the running time dynamic profile analysis of the codes, numerical algorithms used, program restructuring for the vectorization, numerical experiments of the iterative process, vectorized ratios, speedup ratios on the FACOM 230-75 APU computer, and some vectorization views.