Heat Transfer at Supercritical Pressures and the Onset of Deterioration


Kirillov,-Pavel-L.; Grabezhnaya,-Vera-A. (Thermal Physics Department SSC RF - Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk 249020 (Russian Federation) The comparison of the data on heat transfer at supercritical pressures (SCP) demonstrates that they have a considerable spread, which shows a complex nature of the process and a probable inaccuracy in the methods of data processing caused by a sharp change in thermophysical properties near the pseudo-critical point. The recent experimental data at SCP for upward flow of water are compared with some correlations applicable to engineering analysis. The correlations for the onset of heat transfer deterioration against the experimental data were analyzed. The heat transfer deterioration in this data was far from test section inlet The generalization of data on the onset of heat transfer deterioration for various coolants (water, CO sub 2 , R12) was proposed.