Design of the Mechanical Parts for the Neutron Guide System at HANARO


The research reactor HANARO (High-flux Advanced Neutron Application ReactOr) in Korea will beequipped with a neutron guide system, in order to transport cold neutrons from the neutron source to the neutronscattering instruments in the neutron guide hall near the reactor building. The neutron guide system of HANAROconsists of the in-pile plug assembly with in-pile guides, the primary shutter with in-shutter guides, the neutron guides inthe guide shielding room with dedicated secondary shutters, and the neutron guides connected to the instruments in theneutron guide hall. Functions of the in-pile plug assembly are to shield the reactor environment from nuclear radiationand to support the neutron guides and maintain them precisely oriented. The primary shutter is a mechanical structure tobe installed just after the in-pile plug assembly, which stops neutron flux on demand. This paper describes the design ofthe in-pile assembly and the primary shutter for the neutron guide system at HANARO. The design of the guideshielding assembly for the primary shutter and the neutron guides is also presented.Keywords: neutron guide, in-pile plug, primary shutter.PACS: 61.05.fg. J. W. Shi.q, Y. G. Cho, S. J. Cho and J. S RyuKorea Atomic Energy Research Institute, 1045 Daedeok-daero, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-353, Korea