Residual Stress Estimation of Ti Casting Alloy by X-ray Single Crystal Measurement Method


Recently, titanium casting teclmology attracts attention in tile industrial fields. These casting metals areincluding a various residual stresses due to the heat shrinkage and inclusion particles, et a!. In order to apply the castingteclmology, the accurate estimation of residual stresses is desired in many cases. In iliis study, it aims at thenondestructive stress evaluation of titanium casting material by the X-ray stress measurement teclmique. At first in thisstudy, the sin21Jf method which used in the usual X-ray stress measurement was tried to measure the residual stresses.However, it was unsuitable for measurement of titanium casting material because of including coarse grains. Therefore,another X-ray method for single crystal system was employed to coarse crystal grains, in order to investigate thepossibilities of residual stress estimating. Four-axes sample table which can set tile both of tilt angle and rotate one onthe sample surface was prepared. The stereographic diagrams and the theory of elasticity were used to measure tl1esingle crystal stresses on the sample surface.Keywords: Titanium (Ti), X-ray, residual stress measurement, casting alloyPACS: 6L10.-i. A. Shirol, M. Nishida2, T. ling3; IAdvanced Course of Mechanical System engineering, Kobe City College of Technology, Kobe 651-2194, Japan2Department of Mechanical engineering, Kobe City College of Technology, Kobe 651-2194, Japan, 3School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, China