Preparation of Self-assembly Mesoporous Ti02 Using Block Copolymer Pluronic PE6200 Template


In this research, nanocrystal mesoporous TiOz powders were synthesized by sol-gel method, with TiCl4 as aprecursor in methanol solution. Block copolymer Pluronic PE 6200 was used as pores template. It was found that fromthe XRD measurements, both at 400°C and 450°C calcination temperatures, resulted in nanocrystal TiOz with anatasephase. Based on Nz adsorption characterization (BET method), TiOz samples have surface area 108 mZ/g and 88 mZ/g for400°C and 450°C calcination temperatures respectively. From Small-angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) patterns, it isinvestigated that TiOz samples have mesoporous structure where the pore order degree depend on the calcinationtemperature.Keywords: Titanium dioxide, mesoporous material, sol-gel method, self-assembly, block copolymer, SANS. W. Septina, B. Yuliarto, and NugrahaMaterial Processing Laboratory, Engineering Physics Department, Institut Teknologi Bandung,