The Electronic Structure ofWurtzite MnS


Manganese sulfide thin films have been investigated by X-ray Absorption Fine Structure spectroscopy(XAFS). XAFS provides a description of the structure of the films. The paper also presents a structural characterisationof the wurtzite MnS thin films and their crystallisation behaviour by annealing at increasing temperatures. The x-rayabsorption fine structure (XAFS) ofMn K-edge and S K-edge in wurtzite MnS have been investigated. The full multiplescattering approach has been applied to the calculation of Mn Kedge XANES spectra of MnS. The calculations arebased on different choices of one electron potentials according to Mn coordinations by using the real space multiplescattering method FEFF 8.0 code. The crystallographic and electronic structure of the MnS are tested at varioustemperature ranges from 300 to 573 K. We have found prominent changes in the XANES spectra of Mangeanese sulfidethin films by the change of the temperature. Such observed changes are explained by considering the structural,electronic and spectroscopic properties. The results are consistent with experimental spectra.Keywords: MnS Thin Film, Electronic Properties, Chalcogenide, XANESO. Murat Ozkendir, A. Turker Tuzemen, Y. UfuktepePhysics Department, University ofCukurova, OJ330 Adana, Turkey