Synthesis and Characterization of Double Perovskite Sr2Mgl-xMnxMo06 as Anode Materials in Fuel Cell


The anode materials in the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) require properties such as high electric conductivity,high catalytic effect for hydrogen decomposition from hydrocarbon and good resistant to sulfur. For these purposes,anode materials based on double perovskite structure, AzBB'06, were synthesized and studied. In this work, doubleperovskite compounds, SrzMgl_xMnxMo06_0 (SMMMO) with 0 ~ x ~ I, were synthesized by means of solid statereaction technique at 1350 °C. Crystal structures were determined using X-rays diffractometer and analyzed with theRIETICA program, by employing Le Bail method. The oxides materials showed to adopt monoclinic structure withspace group of P211n. For SMMO with higher x, the lattice parameters and the unit-cell volume become smaller. SEM(Scanning Microscope Electron) image, which gave the morphology of SMMMO showed that grains size was increasedwith the increasing ofx. Meanwhile, the DC measurement for electrical conductivity as function of temperature revealedthat the conductivity increases with the increasing ofx.Keywords: SMMO,double perovskite, SOFC, X-ray diffractionPACS: 61.l0.Nz, 61.43.Gt, 66.1O.Ed. N. R. Sari, Ismunandar and B. PrijamboediInorganic and Physical Chemistry Research Division,Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung, INDONESIA