Texture and Structure Analysis of AluminumA-I050 using Neutron Diffraction Technique


Analysis of bulk aluminum A-l050 has been performed using FCDrrD- BAT AN. From neutron diffractionpattern of bulk sample, two Bragg peaks, (220) and (200) are observed while three Bragg peaks of (Ill), (311) and(222) are over dumped. Due to preferred orientation, crystallites are highly oriented to <110> direction. Texture analysisfor pole figure reconstruction is performed for (200) and (220). From analysis result using MAUD program, a goodnessof fitting (0"= 1.259), crystallographic weighted error (Rw= 32.81 %) and texture error (Rp= 19.03 %) are obtained.Analysis of powder type of A-1050 is also carried out. From neutron diffraction measurement, Bragg peaks of (111),(200), (220), (311) and (222) are observed with highest intensity at (111). From analysis result 0" = 1.008, and Rw =16.68 % are obtained.Keywords: Pole figure, texture, Rietveld texture analysis (RT A), E-WIMVT. H. Priyanto, N. Suparno, Setiawan, M. R. MuslihNeutron Scattering Laboratory, Center of Technology for Nuclear Industrial MaterialsNational Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia - BATAN, Kawasan Puspiptek Serpong, Tangerang 153/4, Indonesia