The trend of using laptop in students, especially in FKM VI is increase. Price of a laptop is


High intensity of using laptop in students is riskyand can occur of health effect. Therefor, this study was conducted to know the healthproblem in students who using laptop. This study uses cross-sectional design. Samples arestudents using laptop in campus, the number is 100 with simple random samplingtechnique. Data were collected by questionnaires, interview, and observation. The resultsshow that 97% felt of health effect. The parts of body that have health effect (pain) are neck,eye, shoulder, up of back, and carpal. Only a few of samples have pain in foot. 91.8% ofsamples who felt health effect have high risk condition when using laptop. Suggestion forstudents is using laptop with follow the it's function and ergonomics procedures and forlaptop manufacturers is complete their products with safety and ergonomic guidance forusing laptop.Keywords: laptop, health, ergonomics. Hendra, Devie Fitri OctavianiDepartemen K-3, Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Indonesia