Ferroelectric Properties of Ba2Bi4Tis018 Doped with Pb2+ A13+ Ga3+ 103+ TaS+ Aurivillius Phases


In recent years, bismuth layer structured ferroelectrics (BLSFs) have been given much attention because some
materials, such as Ba2B4 Tis018, are excellent candidate materials for nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory
(FRAM) applications. BLSFs are also better candidates because of their higher Curie points. Recently, we have carried
out computer simulation in atomic scale in order to ~redict the energies associated with the accommodation of aliovalent
and isovalent dopants (Pb2+, Ae+, Ga3+, In3+, Ta +) in the Aurivillius structure of Ba2B4 Tis018. In this work, the
predicted stable phases were synthesized using solid state reactions and their products then were characterized using
powder X-ray diffraction method. The cell parameters were determined using Rietveld refinement in orthorhombic
system with space group of B2cb. The cell parameters for Ba2B4 TisOl8 doped with Pb2+, AI3+, Ga3+,In3+, Tas+ were
a = 5.5006(6) b = 5.4990(5) c = 50.5440(7) A; a = 5.5012(4) b = 5.4986(8) c = 50.5449(7) A; a = 5.5006(3) b =
5.4999(3) c = 50.5437(9) A; a = 5.5007(4) b = 5.4989(7) c = 50.5446(6) A; and a = 5.5000(5) b = 5.4995(8) c =
50.5436(6) A. Results from the ferroelectric properties measurement for Ba2B4 TisOl8 doped with Pb2+, Ae+, Ga3+, In3+,
Tas+ were Pr = 16.7 f..lC/cm2,Ec = 35.1 kV/cm; Pr= 15.9 f..lC/cm2,Ec = 33.8 kV/cm; Pr = 15.6 f..lC/cm2,Ec = 34.2 kV/cm;
Pr= 15.3 f..lC/cm2,Ec= 34.0 kV/cm; Pr= 16.9 f..lC/cm2,Ec= 35.6 kV/cm.
Keywords: Aurivillius phase, Rietveld refinement, ferroelectric properties, Ba2B4 Tis018. A. Rosyidah1, D. Onggo1, Khairurrijal2 and Ismunandar1
Ilnorganic & Physical Chemistry Research Division, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
2 Physics of Electronic Materials Research Division, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia