J-PARC and Prospective Neutron Science


J-PARC is interdisciplinary facility with high power proton accelerator complex to be completed by 2008
after 7 years construction. Materials-Life Science Facility (MLF) will be very intensive pulsed neutron and muon
facility at IMW of the accelerated proton power. The neutron peak flux will be as high as several hundred times of
existing high flux reactors. It is highly expected that new science will be opened up by using MLF. In the presentation I
will explain the present status of J-PARC, strategy of user programme and prospective neutron science to be performed
with it.
Keywords: Proton accelerator, pulsed neutron, muon. M. Arai; J-PARC Centre, Japan Atomic Energy Agency,
Tokai, lbaraki 319-1195, Japan