Have been conducted the making of concrete material based on industrial waste as matrix (millingstone,solid mineral waste from cement industnJ). The concrete making procedure was conducted by mixing cement Portland, sand (aggregate), millings tone, and water as mixer. Concrete volume composition variable respectively, that is 1:1:6, 1:1:7, 1:1:8, 1:2:5, 1:2:7, and 1:0:7 % vol. After all material composition mixed, the density target is 2 glcm3 (structural density concrete) and aging process was done during 28 days at room temperature (according to construction standard). Concrete making was conducted by tamping flat method. Then it pressed (at room ten/perature) to homogenize and enlarge the contact of surface area among compiler material. Hereinafter the concrete was tested by compressive strength test, both under normal circumstances and after flammable test during 1hour based on SNI 036815-2002 standard and physical test that is density and water absorption measurement. Obtained based on the test result, the densihj value is 1.98 - 2.06 glcm3, water absorption is 7.62 - 8.21 % (without significant shrinkage), and compressive strength is 6890 -10671 kN/m2. Keywords: Industrial mineral waste, millings tone material, cement, concrete, tamping flat. Deni S. Khaerlldini, Mllljadi, Anggito P. Tetllko, dan P. Sebayang Pusat Penelitian Fisika - LIPI, Kawasan PUSPIPTEK Serpong, Tangerang