Thermal Stress Behavior of Micro- and Nano-Size Aluminum Films


In-situ observation of thermal stresses in thin films deposited on silicon substrate was made by X-ray and
synchrotron radiation. Specimensprepared in this experiment were micro- and nano-size thin aluminum films with and
without passivation film. The thickness of the film was 1 micrometer for micro-size films and 10, 20 and 50 nanometer
for nano-size films. The stress measurement in micro-size films was made by X-ray radiation whereas the measurement
of nano-size films was made by synchrotron radiation. Residual stress measurement revealed tensile stresses in all asdeposited
films. Thermal stresses were measured in a series of heating- and cooling-stage. Thermal stress behavior of
micro-size films revealed hysteresis loop during a heating and cooling process. The width of a hysteresis loop was larger
in passivated film that unpassivated film. No hysteresis loops were observed in nano-size films with Si02 passivation.
Strengthning mechanism in thin films was discussed on a passivation film and a film thickness.
Keywords: Thermal stress, in-situ observation, aluminum film. X-ray measurement, synchrotron radiation. T. Hanabusal, M. Nishida2, K. Kusaka3; IInstitute of Technology and Science, the University ofTokushima, Tokushima, Japan
2Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kobe City Collage of Technology, Kobe, Japan
3Institute ofTeclmology and Science, the University ofTokushima, Tokushima, Japan