As the World Wide Web grows, a considerable numbers of Indonesia related online
articles written in Japanese has became available. It is understandable, considering
our country's long relation with Japan in various fields, in addition to Japanese being
the second most common languageused on the WWW. These articles, however, are
originally intended for Japanese audience, so unless they are translated into
Indonesian, they will never reach Indonesian audience which may in fact have
benefited from the information contained in the articles. On the other hand, it is widely known that Open Source solutions enable developers to focus on creating a responsive, innovative websites quickly, instead of wrestling with technology. In this study, a Japanese - Indonesian online dictionary has been developed. The web application utilizes Open Source technology and running on LAMP framework. The issues and problems that need to be addressed when compiling a source lexicon are identified and discussed, as well as the characteristics of the needs
and interest of online users are revealed from their search query monitoring.
Keyword: Web Application, Open Source, LAMP Application, Online DictionaryAlief Yahya, Tri Sampurno, Made Gunawan, Vi tria Pragesjvara Center for Information & Communication Technology, Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT)
BPPT 2nd Bid. 21st Floor. Jalan MH Thamrin no. 8 Jakarta 10340, Indonesia