Eleclrical energy demand for encouraging industrial growth in the future rises rapidly. This condition should be supplied by sufficient electrical energy supply, both in quantity and quality. As mention in National Energy Policy 2003-2020, thai has been arranged by Energy and Mineral Resources Department, supplying national electrical demand conducted by diversification of electric generation. One of the options for generating electrical energy that will be built is nuclear power plant (NPP). Based on the program of National Energy Policy as mention above, it has been made a joined roadmap between Energy and Mineral Resources Department with Ministry of Research and Technology stated that the first nuclear power plant will operate in Indonesia in next 2016. Pro and contra always follow any practice of nuclear energy discourse, including the practice of nuclear energy for generating electricity through nuclear power plant. The property for building of Nuclear Power Plant has believe that, from investment sight, the cost for building of Nuclear Power Plant per unit is cheaper compare to conventional power plant. From the use of nuclear fuel, nuclear power plant is deemed more economize than coal and oil, so the cost of energy per kWh is much cheaper. Beside that, the residue as particulate and gas effluent is very safe for biosphere, so nuclear energy used to be called green energy. The opposition party as a lover of biosphere often resistant with nuclear power plant because it results long or very long half live radioactive waste and very dangerous for the safety of worker, the member of public, and the eternal of biosphere, and it will result in undue burden to the next generation. Nanang Triagung Edi Hermawan Direkloral Pengaluran Pengawasan Fasililas Radiasi dan Zal Radioaklif - BAPETEN