The purpose of this presentation is to familiarize you with the boiling water reactor (BWR). I will give you a general description of the BWR by describing its design evolution in the General Electric Company (GE). This description should give you information on our basic design criteria and goals. We have, for ease of presentation, divided our BWR's into six product lines stretching over the last seventeen years from Dresden 1 as a BWR/l to today's BWR/6. Each of these product lines represents a significant technological step forward based on design, development, operating, and testing experience. After this history of the GE _ BWR, we will go on a brief tour of the nuclear island of a BWR/6 plant. This tour will include the nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) with the react:>r pressure vessel (RPV), recircul ation system and equipment, mai n steam system, rpv and reactor internals, fuel, reactor auxil iary systems, emergency core cool ing systems, BWR performance under grid power changes (load foil owi ng ), and finally containment. MANUEL A. HEAD