PEMAKAIAN ISOTOP CARBON (C14) UNTUK MENGUKUR DAYA PRODUKTIVITAS PRIMER DI PERAIRAN INDONESIA. Produktivitos Primary dilaut speed is the result of changes in benda_benda anorganis fotosintese in the process undertaken by the phyto-plankton. Because phyto-plankton is the primary food chain dilaut, the measurement process can use a bookmark on the productivity of water resources. How the measurement of the carbon isotope (14 C) is considered to be the most practical, easy to be done, the results can be quickly and Indonesia dipercaya.Di the isotope dilaut this has started since 1957. results have been obtained shows that the power of productivity on this rival or even exceed the power of productivity diperairan-water areas are. This shows that the results raise the possibility of catching fish in Indonesia is high. APRILANI SOEGIARTO M.Sc dan ANUGERAH NONTJI B.Sc. Ahli Biologi dan Asisten biologi pada Lembaga Penelitian Laut Jakarta