Development of Polymer ADDITIVE


Three types of aditif: Antioxidant, slip and clarifying the lately a lot of different applications used in the polyolefin polymer discussed in this paper. Antioxidant role as a prophylactic radical formation and hidroperoksida The disclosed with the hope to provide an understanding of chemical substances-substances that can act as an Antioxidant. Antioxidant such as the type of commercial irganox 1010, irgafos PI68 and types of the other new and shows a combination of rapid growth in this industry aditif. Slip agent used most of the blown film applications. One of the plastic packaging which is very large in dikonsumsinya Indonesian. Currently the most widely used as an agent is oleamida Slip and urikamida. PE uriakamida use more often, because it has a high stability termallebih. In the past many also used stearamida and other wax, but this time have left because of the need coefficient of friction is lower. Aditif ago in the source this came from animal bones, but later, especially in Indonesia and other Muslim countries shifted to the vegetal source. Aditif third Clarifying the agent is covered or also known as Nucleating agent. Particularly widely used for Polipropilen kopolimer random. Both the application and Injection Molding Blow Molding. Aditif this substance can increase the transparency of the application Polipropilen so Extrusion stretch blow
molding, polymer Polipropilen a semikristalin can setrasparan PET packaging amorf on betel. The main source of aditif this is Sorbitol. However, until now only one supplier that is capable of aditif create this harmony with nature tranparasi and organoleptic nature. Last reviewed also about the legal aspects of the polymer, especially in aditif restriction through specific migration limits FDA-USA, while more emphasis on some extract maximum solvent with the condition specific. Asmu Wahyu Saptoraharjo; PT Tripolyta Indonesia