An object, which is an image or a slide negatip a picture, placed in front a lens and disinari with parallel and coherent light from a laser. In the second focus area of this lens will be a Fourier analysis in two-dimensional distribution of intensity on the field object. Electric field in the field of focus is the Fourier transformation of the electric field in the object field. Fourier components that occur relate to the frequency of the space domain, frequency-frequency space is called the frequency or spatial frequencies. If on the field or area of focus this transformation put a barrier with a certain shape, we can remove the space frequency frequency-specific. This means that frequency-specific frequency is not forwarded to form the shadow end. As a result, shadows are going to be changed. This technique is called spatial filtering. With practice this technique, we can take the form of noise dots or parallel lines a periodic, such as television Raster image. Contranst of the image can also be improved. In this article discussed the basics of spatial filtering teoretik of the outline. Then discussed the description of the experiment. Last reviewed several experiments that can be done with the same equipment memeprgunakan. Sutrisno; Departemen Fisika, ITS.(Eksperimen ini dilakukan di LAPAN)