Linux : Running XAMMP Automatically On OpenSUSE 11.0


XAMPP is complete packet for Web, Database & FTP Server. Every time you star the computer, you must run XAMMP with manually with CLI "/opt/lampp/lampp start". How to make this running automatically every time you booting?. Follow these instruction:

1. Enter folder associated with your runlevel (GUI with network is runlevel5)

# cd /etc/init.d/rc5.d

if use runlevel3, change rc5 with rc3.

2. Type this comamnd line :

# ln -s /opt/lampp/lampp /etc/init.d/lampp

3. Check with yast -> System -> System Services (Runlevel) -> search lampp
service, if enable = No, change to Enable -> Finish -> Quit.

4. Please reboot your computer

# reboot

5. Test your web server with web browser and enter the address
http://localhost or http://ip_address