Environmental and Medical Sciences Division progress report January-December, 1981.


The report is presented under the following headings: 1) radiation physics (radiation biophysics, neutron spectrometry. development of new neutron dosimeters, applied neutron dosimetry, x-ray spectrometry, gamma-ray spectrometry and development of gamma-ray dosimeters, radiation standards, environmental radiation monitoring at Culham, development of air sampling techniques for control in nuclear facilities, applied air sampling techniques. 2) The nuclear environment (U.K.A.E.A. mortality study, radioactive fallout, radionuclide in arable crops and soils, environmental studies in Cumbria, Caithness and Sutherland, radionuclide enrichment of the sea-surface microlayer and transfer to the atmospheric aerosol, artificial and natural radioactivity in lake sediments, aerosols and population exposure due to nuclear power, radiation spectrometry and the nuclear environment, computer systems development. 3) Biological science (actinides and non-radioactive dusts in rodent lungs, asbestos and man-made mineral fibre studies, uptake of toxic and trace elements by man, trace element studies in Paget's disease, measurement of gastro-intestinal bleeding using sup 5 sup 1 Cr. 4) Hazardous wastes and analytical research. 5) Non nuclear atmospheric pollution work. (U.K.). Cox,-R.A.; Carter,-T.; Gibson,-J.A.B.; Morgan,-A.; Salmon,-L.; Taylor,-M. (comps.)