The production and development of radioisotopes


Radioisotopes production by TRIGA MARK III reactor, were supplied to users. Recently, their applications in the field of medicine, pure and applied science, agicultural studies, etc., are on the rapid increase. In 1982, 306.5 Ci (211,437 thousand Won) of non-sealed radioisotopes mainly radiopharmaceuticals and 566.6 Ci (21,291 thousand Won) of radiation sources for non-destructive test were supplied to users. The total production amount of radioisotopes has reached 232,728 thousand Won (873.1 Ci) and showed 24% increase over last year. Especially pertechnetate and technetium compounds is increased 40% over last year. Radioisotopes (sup(99m)Tc and its compounds) have been delivered to hospitals in Seoul area, not later than 9 a.m. by the early morning processing. The quality control method for sup(32)P used in studies of genetic engineering, was improved and established. (Author). Kim,-Y.K.; Lee,-J.D.; Bang,-H.S.; Han,-H.S. (and others)