Japan fusion research activities and future plans.


In Japan, fusion research started around 1956 - 1958. The organization of fusion research is divided in two groups; i.e. laboratories and institutes attached to the Science and Technology Agency, and universities affiliated with the Ministry of Education. In the several tokamaks in Japan, the main devices in operation are JET-2 at Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute and JIPP-T 2 at Institute of Plasma Physics (Nagoya University). A heliotron, and a stellarator and inertial confinement (laser fusion) are also studied. In JAERI, JT-60 plasma (tokamak) will be fired in 1984 - 1985. The following matters are described: Japanese research history, research organization in Japan, research activities (Tokamaks, laser fusion, fusion technology and reactor study), international cooperation, future plans and perspective. (Mori, K.). Uchida,-Taijiro (Tokyo Univ. (Japan). Faculty of Engineering)