Future fuel. Staying 'clean' while fueling up for the future.


In this article Dr. P.D. Toens reports on what will happen to nuclear waste when Koeberg comes on-stream. The decay of radioactive fission products is discussed. At a plant like Koeberg about 2 000 drums of low-level waste, which can be safely manhandled and stored aboveground, is produced each year. The high-level waste that will ultimately be produced and which would need careful handling, will be about 2 - 3m sub 3 per year per 1000MW unit. The site selection programme for waste disposal of the Nuclear Development Corporation is discussed. Some of the more pertinent factors considered in site selection include: population density, mineral potential, agricultural production, climate, ecology, regional geology, geohydrological investigations and geophysical investigations. Toens,-P.D. (Nuclear Development Corp. of South Africa (Pty.) Ltd., Pelindaba, Pretoria. Dept. of Geology)