Method for radioactive waste solidification.


The invention relates to the treatment of low- and medium-level radioactive wastes (10 Ci/l) and other toxic materials, in particular, to their conversion into a solidified state by incorporation in an inorganic binding material. A large amount of such wastes arises from the operation of nuclear power plants. A feature of the method of solidification wastes containing radioactive isotopes and other toxic materials by mixing with granulated metallurgical slag or slag-portlandcement is that in order to produce a monolith with a high dry waste residue content suitable for safe disposal, mixing is carried out with a water-binding ratio of 0,2-0,6 and a specific binder surface of 2800-4000 cm sub 2 /g where the temperature of the wastes being solidified is 20-90 sub 0 C. Another feature of the method is that slag-portlandcement with 20-80 mass % of slag is used as a binder. Zakharova,-K.P.; Zhikol,-T.T.; Alimova,-N.V.; Pankratov,-V.L.; Shelud'ko,-V.P.; Shimarova,-L.N.