IAEA 25 th anniversary


Establishment history and main evolution stages of the IAEA are considered. The USSR active participation in the IAEA activity is underlined. The IAEA activity covers a wide range of problems including problems of nuclear power development, technical assistance for countries in training of national personnel and development of scientific researches as well as issues of control for using nuclear materials, equipment and technology. The IAEA coordinates and carries out a large volume of investigations into nuclear power economies, reactor physicals and NPP technology, nuclear fuel cycle with provision for ecological aspects giving much attention to nuclear safety. Programs related to activities of the IAEA working groups on fast liquid-metal-cooled reactors and gas-cooled reactors are of great interest. From 1978 IAEA accomplishes an extensive program on the elaboration of technical documentation concerning underground storage of radioactive wastes. Multiple data on the operational experience of most of the NPPs all over the world amounting to about 2600 reactor-years are available. One of the most important directions in the IAEA activity is data exchange, coordination and performing investigations in the area of controlled thermonuclear fusion. It is concluded that for 25 years the IAEA has traversed a long path and become a leading center of international cooperation in the area of nuclear science and engineering. Morozov,-I.G