Intense positron beams: linacs - preworkshop copy


Beams of monoenergetic positrons with energies of a few eV to many keV have been used in experiments in atomic physics, solid-state physics and materials science. The production of positron beams from a new source, an electron linac, is described. Intense, pulsed beams of low-energy positrons have been produced by a high-energy beam from an electron linac. The production efficiency, moderator geometry, beam spot size and other positron beam parameters have been determined for electrons with energies from 60 to 120 MeV. Low-energy positron beams produced with a high-energy electron linac can be of much higher intensity than those beams currently derived from radioactive sources. These higher-intensity beams will make possible positron experiments previously infeasible. Howell,-R.H.; Alvarez,-R.A.; Woodle,-K.A.; Dhawan,-S.; Egan,-P.O.; Hughes,-V.W.; Ritter,-M.W