Nuclear fusion research: status and prospects.


In the review of the progress of nuclear science and technology, the field of nuclear fusion research is described with emphasis on the studies in laboratories outside Japan (those in Japan are reviewed elsewhere). Nuclear fusion is still essentially in the research stage, though fusion reactor technology is now a rapidly expanding field. A commercial fusion power plant is unlikely to be built until the next century. However, by the year 2000, answers should be obtained to the questions: is fusion scientifically feasible; if so, can an economically feasible reactor be built; if it can, what is the time scale for the introduction of fusion power. The following matters are reviewed: basic principles of nuclear fusion, fusion reactors, magnetic confinement research, inertial confinement, and future tokamak research and JET. (Mori, K.). Bodin,-H.A.B. (UKAEA Culham Lab., Abingdon)