Studi Konfigurasi Bracing kaki jack-up pengaruh beban gempa


Then goal of this research is to identify responses and an ultimate strength of a jack-up leg structure due to the earthquake loading for various bracing configurations. The research is focused on the structure of the jack-up leg truss typed with bracing configuration systems e.g. K-,Z- and X-bracing system. The main dimension of the jack-up is based on the dimension of the Dyvi Gamma Jack-up as structural data references and as the environmental condition of the operation is the KE-23 Poleng field water area, West part of the Madura islands. The structure is analysed using FEM-approach and the GT Strudl V.25 for the structural analysis. The wave loading is determined with the Morison's equation. The wave theory is Stokes 2nd orde. Keywords: jack-up, earthquake analysis, FEM, LRFD Murdjito dan Pradintio Ariadi