By Chief Panitya Atomic Energy Seminar we have been asked to provide a general view tang ten atomic energy, as the introduction of the subject-the subject of will be discussed in the seminar. With this we want to express our gratitude sebanjak - banjaknja up kepertjajaan this. Sebelumnja like us that we not kemukakan expert in the field of Nuclear Science and Technology of the wide at that, even may not be the expert in one part of the sa tu nuclear science. At this time above this field so wide, that have relations with almost all part of the Science, ranging from physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine, engineering, -up to the economic, legal etc..Because quite difficult to membitjarakan or menjinggung sadja all issues in one paper, we. and want to discuss the issue and restore the from atomic energy is the basic principle, the principle is the physical and chemical principles. Given that the purpose of the seminar, is to introduce knowledge atom to masjarakat Indonesia procuress baiknja have a name for menindjau seminar it. We all have often heard or membatja words such as: atomic century, born
atom, atomic energy dll.sbnja. (up to market atom). Because these words "are in common use in the literature in a foreign language, then sebenarnja djuga not have salahnja to use words like this atomic energy. According to the science of physics but the word This is less precise. According to Dalton atom is a part of something terketjil substances (materials) do not divided landjut more. This view according to the atomic theory of Bohr-Rutherford is not correct; each atom is a complex system consisting of an atomic nucleus to be, surrounded by Z electrons (Z = atomic number of page.). During this core is considered as a unit, then all of which can be made to the system's core + elektorn included in the electron -science of atomic physics. Suppose nature hanja determined by the chemical structure of the Z electrons. In the all chemical reactions hanja terdjadi a djumlah and changes in the structure of the electron. Therefore, the heat up on the chemical reaction can be called energy exotermis atom. Either. reaction kihlia exotermis the most important is burning or oxidasi. Thus, the burning of fuel, "conventional" such as coal, minjak land, refuel dll.nja generate energy which must be called sepatutnja energy
atom. Ternjata djuga atomic nucleus is a complex layout and consists of the proton and Z (A-Z) neutrons, where A = number of atomic mass. Physics is the science of core menjelidiki nature of the order is. As with the atom-atom-order neutrons in the proton core can be changed, eg in reaction to the core, the radio-aktipitas, in the fission process dll.nja. Djika on processes terse but well above the energy, the energy can be called core energy or nuclear energy. What will dibitjarakan in the seminar have hanja relationship with the processes last. 'Difference between the two hours of energy this mat at the njata. In the chemical reactions terbit cnergi the atom berdjumlah few eV per atom or some kilokalori per gram. Energy published on the reactions in the core or the radio is aktipitas kl 1 MeV per atom, djadi sedjuta times larger. Prof. Dr ONG PING HOK;Guru Besar Bagian Fisika, Institut Teknologi Bandung