Tracking of Atlantis: the Lost Land swallowed Period


A legend about "Atlantis", was first found in ancient Greek philosophy essay: Two notes dialogue Plato (427-347 BC) such as: book Timaeus and Critias. Book Timaeus, Plato berkisah: In front of "The Mainstay Haigelisi, there is an island which is very large, from there you can go to other islands, on the island that the mainland is entirely surrounded by the sea that ocean, that is the kingdom of Atlantis. When Atlantis will be the new wage war with a large Athena, but beyond a doubt Atlantis suddenly experienced an earthquake and flood, not a day to night, completely submerged in the sea floor, big country that exceeds the level, disappeared in the night. In legend, who founded the kingdom of Atlantis is a sea god Poseidon. At the top of an island, there is a young girl that both parents died, Poseidon marry young girls and the twin birth to five children, and Poseidon divides the entire island into 10 regions, each submitted to the 10 children to master, and was appointed as the first-born child the highest authorities. Because the first-born male child is called Atlan, hence the name of the country as a kingdom of "Atlantis."(Sumber: Buku Himpunan Inspirasi Peradaban Prasejarah)