mine Nuclear Reactor Two Billion Years Past


In the year 1972, there is a company (France), which imported the seeds from the Oklo uranium minerals in the Republic of Gabon, Africa, to be processed. They were surprised with penemuannya, because the seed was imported uranium has been processed and used previously and uterus uraniumnya nuclear reactor waste with almost the same. These works fascinate scientists came to the Oklo to a research, the results of research showing the existence of a large-scale nuclear reactor in the prehistoric period, with a capacity of approximately 500 tons of uranium in the six seed region, is suspected of energy can produce 100 thousand watts. Mine nuclear reactor is well maintained, with the lay-out that makes sense, and has been operating for 500 thousand years. That makes people more surprised that more is mining waste nuclear reactor that it is limited, not tersebarluas in the area about 40 meters in mining. If the review of the technical regulation of nuclear reaction, the technique penataan mine reactor it far more powerful now, which is put to shame when scientists now is we are a headache in dealing with nuclear waste, the era of prehistoric men already know how to take advantage of natural topography to save nuclear waste!(Sumber: Prehistoric Civilization Inspiration for Mankind)