Islam, science and technology


Among the things in it in the modern era this is science and technology. Science and technology have a very rapid development of human life.In each of the experts and scientists continue to assess and examine the science and technology as the invention of the most sophisticated and modern. Both have become symbols of progress and modernity in this century. Therefore, if there is a nation or country that does not follow the development of science and technology, the nation or country can be said that the country forward and not backward. Back to topics related to the Islamic science and technology. Islamic view of science and technology is that Islam did not restrain people for progress and modern. Thus Islam is to support people-research and experiment in any case, including science and technology. Islam for science and technology, including the revelations of Allah, that need to be extracted and searched her. Signs of Allah in the universe is God gave to mankind as a caliph in the earth to be processed and used well. Islamic view of science and technology can be principle-principle analysis of the first revelation received by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Read with (his) name of your Lord who Created, He has created man from segumpal blood. Read and thy Lord is the generous, teach the (human) with perantaran Kalam, to teach him what a man does not know. (QS. Al-Isra: 1-5) According to an expert commentary kontemmporer origin Indonesia, Prof.. Dr. Quraish Syihab, 'iqra' fetched from the heap. Collect from a variety of birth, such as the meaning, analyze, deepens, research, know the characteristics of, and read the written text or not. [1] In another verse, Allah SWT praise servants to consider the creation of the heavens and the earth. In fact, many verses of the Qur'an that enjoin people to examine and observe the universe. Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for men of understanding, (that) those who remember God while standing, sitting or lying in keadan and they think about the creation of the heavens and the earth ( and said): "Our Lord, You have never created this with the vain, Glory to Thee, And guard us from the torment of Hell. (QS. Al-Imran: 190-191) Have they not the earth, how many we tumbuhkan on earth that various kinds of plants is good? (QS. asy-Syu'ara: 7) Say: "See what yaag is in the heavens and the earth. Not useful sign of God and the apostles who gave warning to those who do not believe. " (QS. Yunus: 101) Revelations of the above is a support that God gave to the servants to continue to excavate and consider what is in the universe. So an expert scientific West, Maurice Bucaile, after he conducted research on the Qur'an and Bibel's the point of view of modern science. He says: "I am investigating the suitability Qur'an text with modern science objectively and without prejudice. At first I understand, by reading the translation, that the Koran various natural phenomena, but with the translation that I only have knowledge that the same (brief). By reading the text carefully arab once I can prove that the inventory that the Koran does not contain a statement that can be criticized from a scientific point of view in the modern era. [2] If science and technology, this time to be re-growth period, it is not separated from the contrib scientists Muslims. Not excessive if it is said that the origin of modern science or scientific revolution comes from the Islamic civilization. Indeed, a fact, Islam is the pioneer of modern science. If they do not fight among them, and if the army does not kristen mengusirnya of Spain, and if the Mongols did not attack and destroy parts of the lands of Islam in the 13th century, they will be able to create a Descartes, a Gassendi, a Hume, a Cupernicus, and a Tycho Brahe, because we have found seeds philosophy mechanics, emperisisme, the main elements in heliosentrisme instruments and Tycho Brahe in the works of al-Ghazali, Ibn al-Shatir, astronom at the observatory margha and works Takiyudin. [3] Islamic civilization has been a very vocabulary knowledge and knowledgeable scientists are so extraordinary. Scientist-scientist is that if we read, have expertise in various fields. A course Ibn Sina. In a very young age, he has succeeded in the various medical science. Mognum opusnya al-Qanun fi al-Thib become the primary source of reference in many Western universities. In addition to Ibn Sina, al-Ghazali also be spelled out for the scientists who refresentatif we call here. He theologian, philosopher, and Sufi. In addition, he is also famous as the effort to encourage people who are able to do that. He also fiqih experts. Al-Mushtasfa is proof of expertise in the field ushul fiqih. Not only that, al-Ghazali also appeared to have a very modern paradigm. He has been to combine the project, not mendikotomi theology and general knowledge. For him, the two types of knowledge are equally obligatory response by Muslims. Besides the scientists, Ibn Rusyd feasible we call here. He ingenious philosopher, theologian and medical control. In fact, he can also be referred to as the faqih. Kapabalitasnya in the field with proven fiqih paper tulisnya Bidayah al-Mujtahid. Philosophers is also the inspiration of movements in the West. Not a bit ideologinya adopted by the West so as to advance now. Fakhruddin other scientists such as al-Razi, in addition to a theologian, philosopher, expert commentary, he is also one of the medicine. Al-Khawarizmi, Matematikawan and a theologian. And more scholars as well as the scientists who generated from the Islamic civilization. All these indicate that a civilization can be advanced and superior, although still based by religious beliefs and against God (Allah SWT). The condition of Muslims in the current slowdown in the field of science and technology is caused by many things. Islamic science began to ebb significantly after the year 1800 is due to external factors such as the influence of colonialism that deliberately destroyed the system that drives the local economy of science and local industry. For example, such as what happened in Bengali, India, when the system of local handicraft industry and destroyed in order to succeed 'industrial revolution "in the UK. Science and technology is a symbol of modernity. However, not only because modern, then we ignore religion as happens in the West with the ideology sekularisme. Because science and technology will never contradict the teachings of Islam that are relevant in each of the age. [1] Prof. Dr. Quraisy Syihab, Wawasan al-Qur’an, [2] Maurice Buccaile, La Bible Le Coran Et Le Science, terj. Bible, Qur’an dan Sains Modern oleh H.M. Rasjidi, Jakarta: Bulan Bintang, hal. 10. [3] Majalah Islamia, Thn. I, No. 4, Artikel Prof. Dr. Cemil Akdogan. Oleh Saeful Rokhman