Wind energy, effort Maintain Galapagos Nature Reserve


16 January 2001 ships, tankers Jessica, in a trip from Puerto Bazuerizo Moreno, the capital of the Province of Galapagos island of San Cristobal to dihantam storm and drowned, enumpahkan m more than 600 thousand liters of oil. Regions preserve Galapagos tercemar. The oil spill, some of the supply of diesel for the generator which is the main source of electricity for residents in the archipelago. To avoid a similar disaster terulangnya, Ecuador set targets, stop immediately the use of generator-generator is. Until 2015 the Galapagos will only get electricity supply from renewable energy. During this part of the Island area of San Cristobal is no longer a diesel generator. Since approximately one year in San Cristobal there are three power plants that produce wind energy supply for 6000 people, which covers about a third of the island. Target that proclaimed actually larger, but in 2007 the strength of the wind in St Cristobal far weaker than the calculated. 2009 electricity generated on the island's wind energy is expected to reach 50 percent of the population. Wind energy project that takes five years from perencenaan until the first turbine was built. Said Jim kith, the project engineer. "There are considerations related rotor windmill, will be given the birds and bats. We must be very careful, we started this project to protect the environment so the impact is negative for the environment is not our wish. Conducted research for several years and the result is we move the location of wind power to other hills. " Kith more clearly. Sea birds in the Galapagos Islands can therefore interfere. They make a nest in the nearby wind power generator that is designed initially placed. In the last 12 months sea bird population is not increasing, it is vice versa. The main threat for this animal is a rat-mouse brought people, and the nest-nest is. Wind energy project in the Galapagos Ecuador, funded by the government, the United Nations and 9 world's largest energy company. Among the German energy company RWE. For the environmental organization Greenpeace or Worl Wildlife Fund, RWE is seen as a destructive climate, because this company in Europe is the largest producer of greenhouse gases emissions. Citra want this fixed RWE with wind energy project in St. Cristobal. "I think big companies better participate in the project is truly great, such as wind energy projects in North Europe, the project because it really needs investment from big companies. And that was great participation that we expect from the big electricity companies. Support for the project is relatively small island in the remote location, it seems more as an act of publication. "The opinion of Greepeace Sven Teske. Greenpeace positive rate in wind energy projects. However, the supply of energy to meet the Galapagos Islands until 2015 with only rely on wind energy is not possible. Said leaders of the project engineer Jim kith. Wind energy is a good first step. "What happens is expected to be made of other programs that produce energy efficient and the test in which the sun's energy can be used. Most of the energy in the archipelago is used for cars and motorcycles. So will the necessary bio-fuel program. The project we are only part of the overall program coordinated by the Ecuadorian government and the United Nations."(dk)