POTENCY NATURAL MATERIALS Polymer as a raw material


Of the present plastic or synthetic polymer, the main raw material is oil, a material that is not can be renewed. Therefore, the need to search for new sources altematif, the natural plant material. Plastic materials derived from plants or green plastic in the country ahead of the start-poli laktat acid (PLA) and poli-hidroksi alkanoat (PHA) through the fermentation process, but the processes are still expensive, so the need to look for other ways. A natural polymer derived directly from the plant is natural rubber, cellulose from cotton, wood products, bamboo, rami, plants, fruit (pineapple, banana). Polymer is another source of marine and animal sources, such as shrimp, leather, crab skin, sheep wool and silk worm. Generally these products environmentally friendly. Indonesian have raw materials, but utilization of industrial products are still in the initial stage. (N. M. Surdia; Departemen Kimia, ITB)