Alocation Design For Facts Device On Jawa-Bali Interconnected Power System Using Genetic Algorithm With Mutation


This paper presents an application of Genetic Algorithm (GA) with Mutation Improvement to design an optimal location of a FACTS device in an interconnected power system. The parameters of system that consist of loading system and power losses are analyzed as a case study. The FACTS device represents on the linear model as the dynamics solution problems. The system parameters are modeled on chromosomes forms of GA with mutation improvement to calculate an objective function of quadratic solution. Parameter of FACTS tuned by a Conventional GA (CGA) is also implemented on multimachine system via simulation Comparison between application of CGA and GA with mutation improvement is demonstrated here. The results show that application of GA with mutation improvement in the optimal location design for FACTS device can significantly improves the performances of power system losses and its voltage. Keywords:New GA Approach, Power System Dynamics, and Control. Imam Robandi* Jurusan Teknik Elektro,FTI ITS; Jl.Arief Rahman Hakim, Surabaya(60111);