Strontium-90 In Surface Soil At Serpong Nuclear Site


The investigation of 90 Sr concentration in surface soil at Serpong nuclear site (on-site) and Gunung Sindur area (off-site) was carried out. The soil sample was taken in 4 locations at Serpong site and 1 location in Gunung Sindur area. The sampling of90Sr in the soil was done in each 5 cm deoth from the surface until 25 cm. The 90Sr was analysed with leaching process and counted by Low Background a/b counter.
The results indicated that 90Sr concentration in Serpong site almost the same with the concentration in Gunung Sindur area. The 90Sr consentration in Serpong site was compared to the concentration of 90Sr in Antartica and Japan, the results showed that the concentrations in Serpong more lower significantly. This informations indicated that the 90Sr consentration in Serpong site dominantly coming from fallout, the contribution from nuclear activities that was happen science 1987 in Serpong site unsignificant. (by; Erwansyah Lubis, Cerdas Tarigan, Agus Gindo S.;Radioactive Wase Management Development Center-Batan)