Integration Of The Radiation Dose Monitoring System Into The Integration Environment Monitoring System At The PPTN Serpong Meteorology Station


Integration of the radiation dose monitoring system into the integration environment monitoring system at the PPTN Serpong meteorology station have been done. After has functioned the monitoring system for non radioactive parameter at the meteorology station, where has gotten the environment data on real time in the matter of existence of the Serpong nuclear facilities area, accordingly the radiation dose monitoring is necessary to integrated on the existing system.
The remote station of radiation dose monitoring is a mobile station with the transmission media to meteorology station has not obstructed by building or construction that be at the Serpong nuclear facilities area. The dummy testing has produced a system that can integrated pass through the interface system that has designed and compatible to the existing system. (by; Arief Goeritno; Radioactive Waste Management Development Centre-Batan)