Techno-Economic Assesment Of APWR-Mitsubishi


APWR- is a third generation of pressurizel water reactor type developed by Westinghouse with a light water as coolant. This type of NPP is developed base on a very simple operation and maintenance principle, high safety. more environmentally friendly, high reability, and more economic.
Further study on several type of NPP is needed to support the government program on constructing the NPP. This paper will discuss the technologi of APWR-Mitsubishi to help providing the technologi data which required on tender process. From result of assesment concluded that APWR-Mitsubishi more better than PWR conventional. Key words: APWR-Mitsubishi, reactor, reability, enviroment. By. Bandi Parapak, Sahala M.Lumbanraja; Pusat Pengembangan Energi Nuklir (PPEN-Batan) Email:,